Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture

Garden sculpture is the perfect enrichment to every outdoor space, be it a terrace, mixed border, large lawn or small woodland.

I create my abstract and figurative sculptures with these settings in mind. Sculptures and garden form a symbiosis, enhancing each other: gardens are enriched through a sculptural focal point; sculptures come alive and are softened as they integrate into the lawn or the foliage of borders .

You can see my sculptures in my own garden on the video below; or you can make an appointment for a sculpture tour at a mutually convenient time.

The scale of my garden sculptures vary between 50 and 90 cm height, with one sculpture being larger than life ( “Walking Forwards”). They are cast and ready to deliver in bronze resin; or they can be cast in bronze on commission.

About Beatrice Hoffman

Creating my sculptures, I experience the ebb and flow of external sensations and internal moods and feelings more intensely; the seclusion of the studio and the seemingly repetitive working process of refining surfaces enables a mixture of compulsion and reflection.

Stroking, pressing squeezing, scraping shaving, hacking, slapping the form into shape, the completed sculpture contains, condenses and transforms the feelings that went into its creation, and holds them in one cohesive object.
Beatrice Hoffman