Mother and Child 2

Bronze Resin  70 x 47 x 40cm  – £2950

Based on the archetype of Mother and Child recurrent in most cultures – Mary and the child Jesus, Isis and Osiris in Egypt – this is an image of protection and symbiosis: Mother and Child complement each other , as each head is missing one half of their face. Her hair and eyebrow line become the common bond that holds them together.

Her inclined head expresses care, his lying position trust and rest: the concave space behind him represents an enclosed cave and place of safety.

As the horizontal head is rather large in proportion, this sculpture also incorporates tinges of the adult man/woman relationship. The woman nurtures and protects the man as the son he once has been; and for fulfilling his needs and expectations, he worships her, raises her to become a saint, the Madonna of Christian history

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