Classical Modern Bronze Sculpture

Beatrice Hoffman creates  stylised abstract and figurative sculptures, using clay and plasticine,  cast in bronze or bronze resin.

Her sculpture add refinement and beauty to homes , inside and outside, and appeal to interior and garden architects.

Commissioned to create bespoke pieces, from small-scale private collections to a large hospital entrance centre-piece, Beatrice has exhibited widely throughout the UK and across Europe,  and sold worldwide. Her bronze resin sculptures appear in publications to high acclaim.

2024 Exhibitions & Galleries

Studio and Garden Visit

VISIT the Sculpture Studio and Garden If you are interested in one of my sculptures , but prefer to see them in life rather than flatly on a screen, you [...]

Walking forwards


“Buddha (2)”. This sculpture was inspired by a sculpture I discovered in “Eastern section” of the British Museum: an over-life size Buddha Head from India. I tried to recapture its sense of inwardness, focus and simplicity. There is an inner wealth which is emptiness, potential, or space.

He physically tastes or listens to this inner experience. The sculpture evokes peace, pure awareness and attention without object, a break in the mental struggle and duality.

There is strength in the posture, even if her head is bent down. This is not defence, retreat or low self esteem: he stands in the middle of life. but he stops in his tracks, which indicates: what happens in external life is not quite as important and worrying as it appears.
“Racer Woman” 2019.  Bronze Resin  85 x 35 x 70cm – £4500; enquire for bronze cast.

I created this abstract head sculpture as a female counterpart to join the “Racer Man”, creating the archetypal couple. She appears dignified, gentle, even queen-like.

The wave-like hair expands up and outward from the narrow nostrils up the nose bridge into eyebrows and windblown hair, abstracted into a softy undulating convex/concave form.
“Arum Lily” with orange blossom in May.  Inspired by Georgia o’Keeffe, this sculpture on the face of it represents a flower – as well as a potent feminine symbol.

With its sinuous lines, it is a form closely based on an arum lily; the sculpture consists of two parts: the vessel like root stock, and the large leaf stretching and yearning upwards. Flowing lines describe a vessel gradually opening as it grows upwards.

This form makes me reflect about “feminine” qualities of holding, containing and receiving .Often falsely considered “passive”, these qualities are subtly active: allowing, selecting, responding, within the steady time scale of nature.
“ Clay sketch “Sisters” is nearing completion: deadline this coming Saturday, then off to be scanned and four times enlarged to one meter height in polystyrene.
„Seated“ finally returned from the caster!  A  primeval feminine form, the lap from which all life emerges.
Am very pleased with this he new sculpture “Couple Side by Side (2)” just  come back from the caster ! The first version was from 1998. I have to say, I much prefer my more recent style and technique of sculpting!
„Standing Together“ in my garden, is he inspiration behind the commission I currently work on, „Sisters“. I worked with the interesting challenge of adding one more person to the duet: a totally changed dynamic, formally as well psychologically.
I have been commissioned by a couple wanting to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, and their three lovely daughters, by commissioning me to create a garden sculpture. Based on my previous sculptures “Walking Forwards” and “Standing Together”, I  am experimenting with possibilities on a small scale.
„Abstract Wave“ on exhibition at Kingham in June 2023! Looking forward to flowers and sun after a rainy winter…
Sculpture “Seated” has left for the caster, for him to create a mould and three casts. It was a fired sculpture from the 1990ies that I completely reworked by adding plasticine and grinding.
„Squatting (2/2)“ arrived back from the caster, first sculpture out of an edition of 25!

Sculpture Workshops

Since 1990 I have taught ceramic sculpture. My idyllic studio and garden is in the village of Garford, Oxfordshire.