Man and Woman 2, 2018

Bronze Resin  68 x 35 x 36cm – £3200

This abstract head sculpture is based on Jungian psychology : Having man and woman in one sculpture materialises the idea that we carry both identities within us, though physically we are bound more to one gender, than the other.

Based on a Greek myth of the original oneness of the genders, an egg-like form has split into two horizontal halves, with the division line between the two heads carrying over from the front to the back of the sculpture, the chin to the nape of the neck. One half is sliding itself ahead of the other.

The woman is on the right, with her head inclined, indicating that she wants to leave. Yet she can’t or doesn’t, as the sculpture, true to its immobile nature, remains still.
Movement is frozen, caught in a permanent state of flux and ambivalence.

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