Walking Forwards 2, 2020

Bronze Resin 187 x 158 x 77cm

Edition of 9, Price on Application

“Walking Forwards” is a public commission with the brief of aa welcoming, affectionate sculpture beside Northampton hospital main entrance. It reflects the care and dedication that goes on inside a hospital, and adds warmth and human drama to a what may otherwise feel like a foreboding place.

This sculpture describes a caring and supportive relationship, the kind of human contact we are dependent on for our well-being .Thus the  dynamic two figures express the strong bonds of friendship, empathy and solidarity, and the commitment and energy necessary for helping or enabling someone else.J ust like in a three-legged race, these two figures are mutually dependent  have to collaborate, and devote themselves to the same purpose. In order to express this universal theme, the figures are highly abstracted, with no clear gender.

The back figure appears protective of the the front figure, with a cloak-like body, reminiscent of an angel , and the back foot only lightly touching the ground. The front figure appears strong, filled up into great round volumes, and striding purposefully into the future.
The two figures have no clear gender, and their anatomy is abstracted into planes and and convex surfaces, surrounding the central hole that they share. They are partly separate, partly fused, to described the two elements of a good human relationship: independence and empathy. They are similar in appearance to signify that their roles are interchangeable; and their faces blank to describe the universal theme, that play out in our individual lives.

There is also a quality of letting go of the person one supports: a similar position to that of a parent, teacher, carer or medical professional who raise/support/teaches another human being, in order to help, rescue and see them enriched or improved .

This sculpture is suitable for gardens and large spaces; and it  lends itself to various settings, in which human support and relationship is a major theme:
* a hospital , hospice, care or nursing home;
* a school or college;

* a new estate or community/village hall;
* a park or civic amenity ;
* or a church or church hall.

The sculpture has an edition of 11, with one sold already privately, and one artist copy cast.

The sculpture can be exhibited, loaned or bought. Get in touch with a proposal if  interested.

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