First Woman 1991

87 x 32 x 26cm

Bronze Resin, available,   Edition of 15 £ 3 300

Bronze, on commission,  Edition of 9 £12 700

Based on ancient sculptures of European Mother Goddesses, this figure is so abstract that it becomes a symbol. Thus, she embodies strength, pro-creation, and the nurturing body from which incessant forms of life emerge.

Parts of the body inessential for procreation have been made smaller, of  left away altogether:  for instance the head, the feet, the arms and hands. Yet the middle area of the body – the womb, the hips, the stomach are increased in size and importance.

The theme is fecundity both literally and as a symbol of  other forms of creativity.

Sculpturally, I was most  interested in two contrasting formal elements: of small and large size (head and hips) and of volume and roundness versus flatness or pointedness

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