Stretched Forward 2, 2020

16 x 45  x 14cm

Bronze Resin, available     Edition of 95  £ 1 450

Bronze , on commission, Edition of 9, ?

With this elegant figurative sculpture,  I focused not only on the the female form, but more so on the remaining oval  or heart-shaped space trapped between her lap, thigh and her bent-over body.

A container or vessel has become enclosed, and part of a woman –  symbolising woman’s recipient nature.

A personal association  to this concave shape was the worn stone vessel that I dipped my fingers in as a child leaving church – I was less aware of the intended Christian significance, as of the age of the stone, touched by countless generations of human beings, and my connection to them in that moment.

As the first edition of 50 ran out, I made a second, smaller and more graceful version of this sculpture in 2020, including many of the improvements I was itching to do over the last 18 years!

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