Sculpture Tutorials

My Sculpture Tutorials

I teach mostly either solid or coiled clay sculpture. However, my extensive carving practice (stone, wood, polystyrene and plaster) has become a vital ingredient of my ceramic sculpture teaching, of both figurative and abstract forms.

My teaching approach has always been three-fold, extending beyond mere copying, skill or craft, into what could be considered art and self- expression:

  • teaching practical ceramic techniques

  • teaching the “invisible” skills indispensable to good sculpting: training the eye

  • practising creativity

  • understanding beauty and cohesiveness

I have a collection of written and filmed sculpting tutorials. They are best used by my students who have already come across them as part of my “live” sculpture sessions; though might be useful for others too, just online.

The 40+ documents are based on my thirty years of instructing students in ceramic sculpture. They refer to each other extensively, as the skills and topics, practice and theory, they describe are all interrelated.

Accessing my tutorials

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