Buddha Head

by Tom Corbett 1999

Without Ego

is tranquility

in the absoluteness of love

is peace

is contentment

Buddha Head 1999

Bronze Resin 60 x 30 x 40 cm – £2550 SOLD OUT

This sculpture was inspired by a sculpture I discovered in “Eastern section” of the British Museum: an over-life size Buddha Head from India. I tried to recapture its sense of inwardness, focus and simplicity. There is an inner wealth which is emptiness, potential, or space.

He physically tastes or listens to this inner experience. The sculpture evokes peace, pure awareness and attention without object, a break in the mental struggle and duality.

There is strength in the posture, even if her head is bent down. This is not defence, retreat or low self esteem: he stands in the middle of life. but he stops in his tracks, which indicates: what happens in external life is not quite as important and worrying as it appears.

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