First Step (Stone Man)
1992 – 2015, Unfinished

Lime Stone (Height: 150 cm)

Even though I haven’t managed to complete this sculpture in 23 years, I would like to include it in this collection nonetheless. A few things went wrong early on – and can not be corrected anymore: stone that has been taken away can’t re-appear.

However, that idea of starting to move by walking, of taking that first step reminiscent of Neil Armstrong famous quotation, has never left me in the last thirty years, and led to its more competent fruition with “Walking Forwards” 25 years later.

“Making a move” is always fraught with danger and the unknown: how to decide where to go, when nothing is known? It is hesitant step, the arms safely and defensively tucked near the body, right hand against his heart for courage – the calm, centred and balanced stance more reminiscent of standing than of walking.

The face of “Stone Man” is determined in a quiet kind of way; innocent too; yet intransiguent, and possibly even scheming.

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