Standing Together 2018

58 x 30 x 19cm

Bronze Resin, Edition of 15,  £2850

Bronze,  Edition of 8, on commission, £11 500

Originally the figurative sculpture was created as a maquette (=clay sketch)  for a hospital sculpture commission; however, it soon  took on a life of its own.

It depicts the closeness between two human beings- possibly a man and woman, but this is up to the beholder. By leaving away the lower body, the upper body gains in importance , with the two overlarge heads, and the suggestion of two arms. the gesture of the backward figures arm  supportively resting on the frontal figure is.

The sculpture is much indebted to Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth , with its emphasis on the shared hole, in luminescent turquoise, between the two figures.

It owes much to Plato’s myth (Aristophanos, in the “Symposium”) of the eternal yearning between two human beings, both missing something they hope to acquire or find in some one else.

This garden sculpture holds the essence of togetherness, and I have sold it a few times   to couples celebrating their relationship, with an anniversary coming up, or “just so”.

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