Abstract Wave 2, 2015

Bronze Resin 37x 47x 34cm – £2500  (blue interior ) 

This abstract sculpture was a re-making of “Abstract wave 2” , this time with thicker, especially sharper and more defined edges, which gives the from a more substantial and tense feeling.

The essence of this form is its central large hole – and challenges the idea of sculpture as volume; this sculpture deal with openness, and the absence of things.

David Blackburn – The Spectator 2012 commenting on “Abstract Wave 2″:

“Hoffman’s abstract work provokes reflection, too. It emphasises the physical world without referring to the human body. The sequence titled ‘Waves’ is particularly arresting. The waves are not explosive; instead, they are balanced — like a distant breaker rolling steadily towards the shore, where its full potential will be spent in a few seconds.

It is a short leap from seeing potential in nature to imagining it in mankind. Success ebbs and flows, one’s zenith is short, and nothing can stop the march of time. Yet there is always the unknown, the blank space between the curves of Hoffman’s waves, for solace against life’s depressing certainties.”

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